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What's in your control?

As educators, parents, really, just people in general, we are faced with myriad situations that are beyond our control. It can feel overwhelming.

Case in point: 

Yesterday, I was in a meeting of administrators, and the ever-looming topic of the economy came up in discussion of issues related to staffing and enrollment, issues that are relevant for Lutheran schools (and really any parochial school) everywhere. As the conversation petered out, everyone seemed downtrodden, simply exhausted.

But then…

We moved into a session on web presence, facilitated by Amy Axelson Capeci, and everyone began to perk up.


We focused on items that are within our control:
  • What does your web presence say about you?
  • What are you putting out there?
  • How can you leverage easy-to-use web tools to get the word out?
  • What do you have to offer?

It immediately brought me back to Stephen Covey’s Locus of Control. Think of the center circle in the image below as what’s in your control, outside that circle as what you can influence, and what’s outside of that as all that is outside of your control. Most of what we deal with is outside of our control, so we can either choose to feel helpless (external locus of control), or choose to focus on what is within our control (internal locus of control).
By shifting the narrative, simply, in one meeting, shoulders were held higher, excitement returned to faces, and possibilities were imagined.

How might you focus on what’s in your control, today? next week? in the future?

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