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3 Simple Ways to Celebrate World Teacher's Day

Today is World Teacher’s Day. Whether you yourself are an educator, chances are, your life has been positively marked by a teacher.

Why not celebrate? See below for how:

1. Say Thank You.
Email, call, leave them a note. No big gesture needed: just a simple thank you. Teachers come back refreshed after a weekend, but the reality is that they spent a great deal of time planning and preparing for the week ahead, as well as thinking about how best to reach their students. A simple gesture of gratitude goes a long way. Take a photo or jot a reflection, share on social media, and tag with #thankateacher!

2. Shout ‘em out!
Friends with a teacher on Facebook? Follow teachers on Twitter?
Use social media to tell an awesome story about an important teacher in your life. Use #thankateacher (and #lsany if you’re local and focused on the LSA community!).

3. Talk with your kids about the importance of teachers.
Articles have been showing up lately, discussing an impending shortage of teachers. While we all say how vital educators are to the health of our nation and world, we sure don’t always demonstrate that in practice. Let’s take today to renew the esteem in which we hold teachers. Let’s celebrate teachers with our kids. Tell them about the great teachers you remember, and ask them what they are grateful for in theirs. Then, see step 1 and 2, above!

How will you celebrate today? Leave your comments here, head to social media, and flood it with #thankateacher and #lsany, if you’re in the Lutheran Schools community in NY!


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