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If you want to be in the know about what’s going on at Lutheran Schools Association and what we're exploring, you’ve come to the right place.

Remember Lutheran Schools in Your Giving!

Today is Giving Tuesday, a day to remember non-profit organizations as you come off of giving thanks this past Thursday, and possibly participating in Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. It's a day to give to something that makes a tangible difference, and we're thrilled to highlight a few #GivingTuesday campaigns that LSA schools are engaging in today. Please consider a gift to one or more of these projects!

  1. St. Mark's Lutheran School (Yonkers) is launching a campaign for some much-needed renovations to their school building, focusing first on their 50 year old bathrooms! An added bonus? A generous donor will match the contributions made today, dollar-for-dollar. Get involved here.
  2. Martin Luther School (Maspeth, Queens) is raising funds to send its Concert Choir to Washington, DC. What a wonderful way for the school to showcase its arts programs, as well as to offer a unique travel experience to its students. Give the gift of travel here.
  3. Astoria Lutheran School (Astoria, Queens) is committed to continuing and strengthening its project-based learning approach, which affords students regular hands-on, real world, authentic learning experiences, including in the school garden onsite. Give the gift of learning here.
  4. Lutheran Elementary School (Bay Ridge, Brooklyn) is committed to continuing to build out programs for students which afford experiences that not only strengthen academic progress, but also round out the student experience in programs such as yoga and other creative arts. Support their efforts here.
  5. Long Island Lutheran (Brookville and East Northport) is working to build its scholarship fund, so more students can afford to attend LuHi and LuDay. With 1/3 of current students receiving some scholarship funding, your dollars can really help! Give here.
We are thrilled to see that several schools have used their training at LSA's Annual Conference to set up #GivingTuesday campaigns through Deposit a Gift. LSA is committed to offering a variety of learning experiences for educators in our schools. Learn more about LSA here, and consider a gift to continue supporting such educational efforts, those that support school leaders in making a difference each day at their own school site. 

Happy #GivingTuesday!!

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