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Why Recognize through LSA?

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Why an Annual Dinner?

Congratulation balloons are tied to the backs of chairs, noisemakers, signs, assorted theme decorations and cameras can be seen around the room. Letters are read describing outstanding accomplishments. We hear how honored individuals have made a significant impact in the lives of those whom they teach or work.  What is going on? What is the big deal? It must be an LSA annual dinner! Proud colleagues have gathered to celebrate an honoree that is being recognized in one of many categories including Teacher, Educator, Rookie, Administrator, or Assistant of the Year!!

This annual dinner is an opportunity for those serving in Lutheran schools to be honored for outstanding accomplishments and years of dedication serving in a Lutheran school. Now schools have earned the bragging rights to declare that a colleague has reached this accomplishment or milestone. Together, the Lutheran community committed to serving their Lord by teaching/working with His children in our schools, unites to give thanks for the many blessings. Attendees feel and see that they are a part of a larger Lutheran “family” providing an excellent educational experience for the students entrusted to our care. Be sure to mark your calendar with this year’s date. You don’t want to miss the chance to celebrate with this incredible group of servants!!



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